Take It Outside: At home outdoors

From setting the right mood to creating a cohesive design, here are tips for creating a stunning exterior space.

Story by Libby O’Regan + Photo by John McManus

When designing a home in the Lowcountry, it’s important to consider your exterior living space.
After all, being outside and being able to enjoy our beautiful surroundings are why so many people choose to live here. With these easy tips from Group 3 Designs, you’ll maximize your outdoor living space.

Greens bring a space to life

Moss balls, grasses, and fern topiaries were used throughout here. Greenery elements bring life to the space, as well as depth with pops of rich color. Faux greenery on porches brings HHI’s lush natural surrounds onto the porch in an easily maintained manner.

Treat outside spaces like any other room inside your home

Your outside living spaces should be treated as carefully as your interior ones. A cohesive design and consistent color palette across the entire space is important, even if there are different seating zones.

Light the way

Choose lighting elements for different scenarios. Can lights on dimmers allow for task lighting or on low setting for late-night evenings. Battery-powered luminaries (available at Pyramids) were placed throughout for muted ambient lighting, with the flicker aspect resembling real candles. The lantern on the coffee table is portable for adjusting location as needed.

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