Small pools with big style

A cocktail pool, plunge pool and spool are scaled down pools that don’t compromise on the bells and whistles.

Images courtesy Clearwater pools

Plunge pools

Plunge pools are typically around 8’ X 10’ in any shape or depth. As the name says, they are perfect to “plunge” into to cool off. Often they are used for exercise with the addition of swim jets that create a strong stream to swim against.

Cocktail pools

Cocktail pools are like plunge pools but usually have perimeter seating so you can sit and enjoy, well, cocktails. The same features of any pool can be added, including jets and lighting.


Spools are a combination of spa and pool. A spool can be as small as 400 square feet, and usually there is no deep end. They have jets, heaters, seating and other spa features, but they look more like a pool than a traditional above-ground hot tub.

Thanks to the petite size, these small pools can be in ground or above ground, indoors or outdoors, but don’t think that because they are small they are much less expensive. Depending on the features and quality of materials, plus the maintenance, they can cost close to, or even more than a full-sized pool. Whether you opt for one of these smaller pools or a traditional full-size pool, there is no better way to enhance a yard than with the shimmer of water.

The Three C’s

Despite the smaller size, a cocktail pool needs the same cleaning and maintenance as a larger pool – cleaning, circulation and chemicals. Step Cornet of Clearwater Pools reminds home owners that the ever-changing weather patterns from extreme humidity, to dry spells to intense rain storms can affect pool chemistry, which means pool owners need to keep a close check on their pool water, regardless of the pool size.

Customize your petite pool

Include water features like waterfalls, fountains and bubblers.
Add fire features like a fire pit or fire bowls.
Install a swimming machine so you swim laps against a current.


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