Q+A Celebrity Connection: Shep Rose

For this Reality Tv Star, there’s no place like home

Story By Lisa Allen + Photos by Bravo

Shep Rose, 40, who was raised on Hilton Head Island, stars in the Charleston-based reality show Southern Charm on Bravo, which launched in 2014. He also appeared in the film Reprisal starring Bruce Willis and the reality series Vanderpump Rules. He launched a casual clothing line in Charleston in June 2016 called Shep Gear.  LOCAL Life checked in on him during his Covid-19 staycation.

[LOCAL Life] What projects are you currently working on? [Shep Rose] Spending a lot of time working on new ideas for Shep Gear.

[LL] What do you miss most about Hilton Head? [SR] Well I’m sitting here now in Hilton Head at my folks’ house under quarantine, so I’m fully appreciating it at the moment. I like how it’s quiet and has lots of open space. My sister took her kids to Sea Pines to ride bikes and remarked on how lucky we are to have grown up here with all the bike paths and giant oaks, things we definitely took for granted, but there’s just no other place like it.

[LL] What don’t you miss? [SR] The summers. Of course, they were great fun when I was a teenager, but the crowds start to drive you nuts, and there’s only one way in and out of this place. For some reason, it didn’t seem as crazy 20-plus years ago when I was coming up. We’d go to Harbour Town and try to meet tourist girls. Fun memories!

[LL] What do you find you have to explain to people from other parts of the world about Hilton Head? [SR] That I come from a resort island and that I’ve essentially been on vacation my whole life.

[LL] How do you think your upbringing helped you in your career? [SR] Um, what career? That’s a joke.

More online • Find more behind-the-scenes photos of Rose and the entire Southern Charm cast online at bravotv.com.

[LL] What has been the biggest surprise so far this year? [SR] This pandemic. It’s completely fascinating to me watching people’s reactions, adapting to new regulations. It’s so unprecedented, I’m amazed by it. Can’t wait for some of the books and movies in a couple of years that come out.

[LL] What was the highlight of 2019? [SR] I was just happy to have been able to go to a few UGA football games. Usually, I’m too busy in the fall.


[LL] What do people get wrong about you? [SR] People who know me probably don’t get too much wrong about me at all. I’m very “what you see is what you get.” Of course, there are trolls and detectors waiting and wanting to tear you down, but they’re sad people and I feel sorry for them. Though, it is alarming and I’m not sure what it says about the world that they’re out there. Small price to pay though. Personally, I’m a happy guy these days. Life is good.


Purchase the fashion ideas of Rose online at shepgear.com. “Formality is for suckers; casualness exudes confidence,” he said.

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