How to: Style a back porch

Spruce up your porch with these professional touches.

Porches are an integral part of Southern culture. For generations, Lowcountry families and friends have gathered on them to tell stories, play checkers, talk politics, gossip and more. All it takes to “porch-sit” in the Lowcountry is a porch (obviously), a comfortable chair, a refreshing beverage and another local to interact with. Maximize your multi-purpose outdoor space with these professional styling tips from the team at Group3 Designs. Most items shown are available through Pyramids Hilton Head.

1. Ambient lighting. Decorative and dimmable table lamps can set the perfect mood.

2. Flameless candles. Create a calm evening glow with battery-operated candles inside of stylish hurricane vases.

3. Cozy seating. Find a good mix of love seats and lounge chairs made with outdoor-rated materials and fabrics. Multifunctional furniture and ottomans provide extra seating when needed.

4. Layer fabrics and textures. Create depth by mixing colors and patterns on cushions, pillows and throw blankets. Mixing materials on furnishings — metal, wood, concrete, raffia/jute — creates interest.

5. Focus on the view. Give your largest seating piece the best view of the space. Stage your other furniture pieces around it. Make every seat feel like the best seat in the house.

6. Decor and greenery. Create an inviting, lived-in space by accessorizing with plants and Lowcountry adornments, such as sweet grass baskets.

7. Area rug. Anchor your space with a trendy area rug. Browse the many samples at Pyramids Hilton Head to find the perfect pattern.

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