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Blue, oh so blue!

There are many ways to incorporate water views into a home build

Story By Kathryn Drury

Our beautiful island home that is surrounded by water provides stunning views. For those who are lucky enough to live on the water, designing a home that is both sensitive to its location and responsive to the natural attraction is a considerate challenge. A careful collaboration of architect, landscape designer and pool/hardscape designer can capture the allure of the water and even enhance the perspective — creating moments of awe, tranquility, and transformation. Here are a few local examples:

PORCH Perspective played a key role in the design of this rear porch. The architect’s thoughtful design lowered the porch railing to ensure no sunrise is missed by a lounging guest. A simple upper screen offers a clear view from any seat in the house.

DECK Located on the Broad Creek, this custom-built home by H2 Builders showcases a romantic pool and stone decking. The dark hue of the pool serves as the perfect backdrop to bright blue skies and the river beyond.

WINDOW Connecting the exterior to the interior, this three-part bay window captures a river view and creates a private retreat for its owners. The interior’s neutral tones perfectly frame the ever-changing colors of an evening’s sunset.

POOL The organically shaped pool of this Brams Point Road home appears to be a natural lagoon rather than a man-made amenity, blending seamlessly into the landscape. Gentle curves mimic the river bank beyond while the use of natural stone easily transitions the plantings to pool deck.



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