Adopt this Pet: Sausage


This dog is more than meats the eye

Upon first glance, Sausage is a handsome and strong terrier mix with a large and muscular frame, but underneath he is a shy and sensitive boy looking for a family to call his own. 

He was surrendered to the shelter with his two brothers at only 6 months old when his family could no longer take care of him, and he has since undergone an obedience class to become the best dog he can for his next owners. After working hard, he is now a skillful 1-year-old boy who is very playful, friendly, energetic and a great listener. All he needs now is a kind and supportive family to help him feel comfortable in his surroundings — and since his brothers were adopted — he is extra ready to find them. Sausage is the perfect addition to any family who wants to feel loved by their dog.

More about Sausage 

Colors: White and tan

Age: 1

Weight: 57 pounds

Likes: “I love breakfast. And brunch. Or really any other meal if you want to be particular. But breakfast usually has my favorite snack. Can you guess what it is?” — Sausage

Dislikes: “Meals without sausage. I am also sometimes scared of new things but keep it under wraps. I have a reputation to uphold” — Sausage

Adopt him: Appointments are no longer required but will take precedence over walk-ins. Call 843-681-8686 or visit hhhumane.org to learn more about how to adopt Sausage.

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